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Bottomless Coffee

A hilarious trick
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A coffee cup with no actual bottom on it. It sits on the saucer, and can be filled with scalding hot coffee without the drinkee noticing anything otherwise.

When they lift the cup, they are burnt terribly about the legs and knees. If they complain, then you can safely say 'we always serve bottomless coffee here', and giggle.

Best if served by a topless waitress.

benfrost, Mar 21 2001


       If it's topless, a warning at the entrance could say:   

       "WARNING: Your pants may become very hot while frequenting this establishment. You may find yourself yelping and exclaiming 'Hot damn -- that's hot!!!'".   

       The potential customers are thinking one thing, while you're thinking another. Could they then sue if such a warning was posted?
Wes, Mar 21 2001

       I have to say that I was very disappointed to find this was a [benfrost] idea.
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       Wasting the 'liquid of life'...what a sin.   

       I do like the waitress idea.
Reverend D, Dec 12 2001

       Should that be a compliment or an insult pheonix . .
benfrost, Dec 13 2001

       creative, but mean.
xandram, Jan 17 2013

       If I ran into a waitress with no upper torso, I'd wonder how she managed to pour coffee.
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2013


       An idea I like better is a self-refilling cup of coffee. When placed on the table (which has a grid of holes), a filling tube extends into a valve on the underside of the coffee cup and silently, surreptitiously refills the coffee.
sninctown, Jan 20 2013


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