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Box-Kite Cubicle

Forget hot-desking, try extreme-desking!
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Instead of boring old standard cubicles large box kites are built that come with desks, seats, lightweight laptops, wireless LAN connections and parachutes. These are then tethered and kept afloat either by large fans or by choosing a perpetually windy site.

The employee then climbs up the line, tethers himself inside the kite and gets in a full days work in his new cubicle with an breath-taking perspective ...

Aristotle, Apr 08 2002

Cubicle Barbecue http://www.halfbake.../Cubicle_20Barbecue
Never, I repeat never, combine these ideas. [Aristotle, Apr 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You know the temptation is strong . . .
bristolz, Apr 08 2002

       ...and, when the employee is promoted, he is moved from the box-kite cubicle to his new managerial office in the Hullaballoon.   

Pseudonym #3, Apr 08 2002

       It would need to be manned 24 hour a day - otherwise there will be too many fly by night operations
paddler, Apr 08 2002

       How would you keep this platform stable enough to accomplish anything? Although box kites are more stable than others, they do not lend themselves to a work like environment. Might be a fun ride though, but most of your effort would be spent just hanging on.   

       I doubt most employees would be able to climb up a tethered line, unless Army Rangers staffed the company.
dag, Apr 08 2002

       Damn... dropped my pencil AGAIN!
waugsqueke, Apr 08 2002

       Instead of a wireless network it should be the LAN / phone / power cables that keep the thing tethered.   

       And I want pinwheels on the corners.
phoenix, Apr 08 2002

       Climbing the line is a problem but you could deploy a powered mechanical absailing device to carry you to the top in a bosun's chair. Once there you could connect climbing clips from your work harness to key points within your box-kite cubicle.   

       Making the tether the power/LAN/etc connections could put the employee at even more risk during thunderstorms ... tea and coffee could be served by an airship that is flown from kite to kite.
Aristotle, Apr 08 2002


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