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Cubicle Doors & Windows

Cubicle Privacy products
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There are several cubicle door and cubicle window products new on the market: Cubedoor and Cube-a-door are company's that have just released products that are are meant to ward off the "office pests" that get Frequent Interruptor miles for stealing your time.

The Cubicle Survival kit (can't remember company name) is more of a gag gift that comes with ear plugs, nose clip, and even a small white noise machine.

Should I remove company name from post?

ucanbakeonagrill, Dec 10 2002


       You'd need a clamping roof, too. Otherwise, they'll still be able to pester you.
Amos Kito, Dec 10 2002

       Mostly from you, I think, [waugs]. I think it's the leisure suit and gold chains that throw them.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       Hey - if we suspend him from talen's loopy space idea, maybe we can generate electricity off him?
dalek, Dec 10 2002

       "u can bake on a grill"? Where can I get such a product? You forgot to mention the name of that company.   

       Too bad this isn't an actual idea so I'd be able to vote against it.
gootyam, Dec 10 2002

       You might want mesh windows, so when your supervisors throw tear gas in to get you to come out, they will bounce off...
Juleus, Dec 28 2002


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