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cubicle flags

an advance warning system
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When you work in a large office, basically anonymous in your daily activities, it's important to have advance warning of someone's approach. Normally, when you're busy surfing the internet idly, it's not a problem, as the cubicle is only 5' 6" or so, and you can see most heads. But, some "cube rats" are difficult to detect. They should be made to wear cubicle flags that would warn, visually, of their approach.
Simonpf, Aug 14 2001


       You could make the flags in the shape of a box kite, too, so they would be cubical cubicle flags. Or simply make everyone wear squeaky shoes. After all, if your attention is riveted on a full-face, uncensored, explicitly detailed picture of a Java IDE interface, you probably aren't looking out for 27-dimensional flags anyway.
Dog Ed, Aug 14 2001

       How about a really tall hat with a full-sized replica of the wearer's head on top?
The Military, Aug 14 2001

       I suppose transparent cubicle walls would defeat the purpose?
angel, Aug 14 2001

       Baked (in a different application of the idea) at the pharmaceutical company's tech support where I used to work. When a tech head is stumped on a fix, he/she "runs up the flag" (same type that are on dune-buggys) to notify a tech lead that some assistance is needed. Pretty effective. Although flag fencing would sometimes break out. Touchè! (or is it Touché?)
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 14 2001

       The ladder.
LoriZ, Oct 10 2001


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