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Cubicle Crenelations

Because an Englishman's cubicle is his castle
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My office cubicle should be adorned with a nice strip of rigid card, cut into crenelations. Hopefully this will deter marauding trainees intent on stealing away my paperclips.
moomintroll, Feb 29 2008

A mote http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensor_node
As opposed to a moat. [Jinbish, Feb 29 2008]

Licensed to build http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crenellation
[coprocephalous, Feb 29 2008]

someone has already made one! http://www.shootonl..._1467acea03e711.jpg
[xandram, Feb 29 2008]

Computer rage http://www.youtube....watch?v=algWjS2yiyE
[david_scothern, Mar 01 2008]

Could be Used in COnjunction With This Mouse_20Mace
Selfless shame promotion... [lostdog, Mar 03 2008]


       You could put a line of cups with water all around and call it a mote.
zeno, Feb 29 2008

       Desktop Ramparts - nice!
Jinbish, Feb 29 2008

       And a flag, waving in the breeze from my desk fan.
hippo, Feb 29 2008

       I believe it would be possible to fashion a trebuchet from a long-arm stapler and some biros carefully cellotaped together to form a frame.   

       This should further help repel any trainee hordes intent on sacking your cubicle.
zen_tom, Feb 29 2008

       You still have to apply for permission to crenellate.
//You could put a line of cups with water all around and call it a mote// Only if it was a very small line of cups. sp. "moat"
coprocephalous, Feb 29 2008

       Drill holes in the cubicle facade and release boiling coffee.
skinflaps, Feb 29 2008

       Get two halves of coconuts and bang 'em together.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 29 2008

       Hire in a hooker to sit on your desk all day. Introduce her as Maid Marion.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 29 2008

       Wear your chastity belt to work. Outside your leggings.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 29 2008

       Are we being silly yet?
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 29 2008

       Yoooo son of a silly pairsonn.
moomintroll, Feb 29 2008

       you made *me* laugh!
po, Feb 29 2008

       [zen_tom]: I have an onager built from lolly sticks and rubber bands on my desk. I don't think a trebuchet would be that much more difficult.
Srimech, Feb 29 2008

       ++_++_++_++_Love it!
xandram, Feb 29 2008

       [Heaves the cauldron of burning oil over the ramparts.]
DrCurry, Feb 29 2008

       Perhaps if we build a giant cardboard badger ..... ?
8th of 7, Mar 01 2008

       I just wallop 'em with my keyboard... (link)
david_scothern, Mar 01 2008

       An evil laugh comes to the marauder's ears from above...'you incompetent knave, do you really think i would leave my clips unattended?'...too bad most cubicles don't have roofs; hard to install some good murder-holes without 'em. :(
drummac88, Mar 03 2008

       Man the battlements, here comes The Permanent Assurance Company.
marklar, Mar 03 2008

       Mount the Cubicle Hoardings! Start the microwave popcorn! Sharpen your letter openers!
elhigh, Mar 03 2008

       We shall defend our Cube-icle ..... Resistance is Futile .... we shall assimilate your stapler, hole punch and fancy feature-phone ..... all your base are belong to us .....
8th of 7, Mar 03 2008

       I've never really understood this cubicle business. What are they in for, and why are they given so many privileges?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2008

       My cubicle is actually made of very large sofa cushions.
elhigh, Mar 06 2008

       //My cubicle is actually made of very large sofa cushions//
And do the nice people in white coats make you wear a special suit with long sleeves?
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2008

       //My cubicle is actually made of very large sofa cushions.//   

       I had one of those, but then my mum made me put them back.
moomintroll, Mar 06 2008


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