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Support from the other direction
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With the advent of cosmetic surgery, the average breast mass has likely increased. I assume that with this extra weight comes overstressed sholders. What is clearly needed is a second method of support.

The Bustress is an arch supported by a belt. Attached to a strapless bra (or straped bra, for even more support), this system distributes modern high breast weight to the more comfortable waist area.

Worldgineer, Nov 17 2004

Bra Belt http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Bra_20Belt
Inspired by [benfrost] [Worldgineer, Nov 17 2004]

Magna-Bra Similar idea, but with magnets. Everything is better with magnets. [jutta, Nov 18 2004]

For [dent] http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/hand_20bra
[Worldgineer, Nov 18 2004]


       no more ugly underwear.[ world,] just use your hands.
dentworth, Nov 18 2004

       gee thanks, made my nite.
dentworth, Nov 18 2004

       Expected it to be a word invention - what you call a female whose name you don't know.
waugsqueke, Nov 18 2004

       [Steve] Nice. Much prettier than my engineering mind had created.
Worldgineer, Nov 18 2004

       But your idea avoided any boning (yet).
FarmerJohn, Nov 18 2004

       I like the intention of the idea (to make wearing a bra a less uncomfortable need) especially coming from a man, but I do really really hope that bras will eventually come out of fashion. Who likes to wear them, (except, maybe, transexual men)? If nobody wore them people would eventually get used to see natural shaped boobs.
Pericles, Nov 18 2004

       Agree with [BB] and besides, boobs don't start out //foot long noodles that slap like beavers' tails// so all a bra is really doing is assisting in preserving the natural state as long as possible.
DocBrown, Nov 18 2004

       An old lady wanted to commit suicide so she called a doctor to ask where her heart is. The doc told her it's under her left breast. Half an hour later the old lady was taken to the hospital on account of a gunshot wound to her left knee. :)   

       [Steve], a flying bustress would probably look like something from Victoria Secret's Angel collection with feathered wings.
Machiavelli, Nov 18 2004

       Or instead of anvils, run them down to your belt. Though then you'd have to be careful of wedgies. Also, this wouldn't remove any stress from your sholders.
Worldgineer, Nov 18 2004

       I considered posting the 'Tit-Tray' large breast support system, but thought it might be tasteless. I should stop listening to myself and take a lead from [world] and [benfrost].
wagster, Nov 18 2004

       Now I'm envisioning a [bz] drawing on the order of the turn signal one. Wheels, counterweights, a truss or two, helium balloons...
Worldgineer, Nov 18 2004

       Well, with only a -1 so far, this sounds like it's following {Steve DeGroof]'s link guidelines regarding "light boning".
normzone, Nov 18 2004


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