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Breaking Breaking Wind Cyphers

Your disgusting other might only be a talkative martian
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SETI and others are looking in the wrong direction in their search for signs of alien life. The aliens are among us in the guise of quiet, unassuming males that furtively fart. What passes as passing gas is really an alien form of communication. Microphones and transmitters should be installed in living rooms, elevators, cubicles and WCs to record Unusual Flatulent Observations' audio emissions and send them on to the Echelon project and MI5 for scrutiny and decoding. "Brrrraaaatttt" may just translate to "Looks like rain tonight".
FarmerJohn, May 26 2002

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       phoone home
po, May 26 2002

bristolz, May 26 2002

       Run out of excuses [FarmerJohn]? I rather doubt your S.O. will buy this one, either.
phoenix, May 26 2002

       hey, my job title is SAO. does that make me a significant alien other?
po, May 26 2002


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