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Breakout Pornography

Normal movie, famous actors, porn scenes
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Don't lie and say you're not interested. I find pornography to generally be bland and foul, and don't enjoy watching it...But sometimes, when I'm watching a movie, and the characters engage in coitus (or are about to), I'm thinking, just do it, and show it. I know I'd enjoy a good Cineporn. If the actors declined, then a) stunt doubles, b) let them be forgotten to holywood forever. I mean, everyone can be in actor, some people are just paid $20 million a flick to do it...and they can still opt not to do things...For most normal human beings that I know, organs would be removed, animals would be abused, and lives would be ruined for $20 million dollars. I figure I pay their salary some how, so they should go all out, and stop this teasing... Like I mentioned earlier, I'd call it Cineporn, and I think the genre would receive quite a warm, awkward (and possible gooey and wet) response.
crackriot, Jan 10 2002

(???) Intimacy - Film that bakes this idea http://www.smh.com....ent/entertain2.html
Recently done. Still warm. [quarterbaker, Jan 10 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

9 Songs http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411705/
[quarterbaker]'s link no longer works. Here however is a very rude film. And to be honest, I found it a bit dull. Given that Micheal Winterbottom has done some terrific stuff (I loved A Cock and Bull Story - and here Cock transpires to be a cockerel) this was a little odd. [Gordon Comstock, Oct 14 2008]

(??) PG Porn - Bad acting, cheesy situations, no sex. http://www.pgporn.tv/
Much the opposite of this idea. [baconbrain, Oct 14 2008]

Breakout: The Game http://en.wikipedia...akout_(arcade_game)
Quite a bit more interactive. [Gallus, Oct 15 2008]

Caligula http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080491/
Porn with a plot [Voice, Aug 13 2013]

Related - DVD bouncing logo https://www.youtube...channel=SpartaYoshi
[Loris, May 25 2023]

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       Interesting idea... Instead of a movie all about sex, a normal movie (with a good plot) that simply has explicit hardcore sex scenes where they need be. I like it. Hell, come on, everyone needs samples of stuff... why not samples of those hot as hell actresses? (i guess actors too, for those females out there, but i prefer to see those sultry vixens that tease me with their lucious bodies hidden behind the blankets...) A re-make of Species, anyone?
Salty Ham, Jan 10 2002

       I do NOT want to see Rod Steiger and Shelley Winters getting hot AND heavy.
thumbwax, Jan 10 2002

       I can imagine having coitus riders in acting contracts similar to the nudity riders found in many contracts today (though one has to be more careful with respect to prostitution laws). I don't think this would be a good thing, however; it would just widen the gender gap and create a lot more straight-to-Cinemax skinflicks. It will also make casting a living hell, unless you use body doubles, which strikes me as a solution just as bad as the original "problem."   

       Would it really make that much of a difference in the film? Why? (I'm a snob, so I consider "the audience gets to see actress X having sex" just as inadequate a justification as "the audience gets to see actress X naked" is for including nude scenes.)
bookworm, Jan 10 2002

       Didn't the French movie, Romance, do something like this, being a serious movie with plot, theme, character and all those other little details that porn lacks, but also shooting realistic - i.e. penetrative - sex scenes? Haven't seen it, though, so I don't know if they had any money shots.   

       There's also the approach from the other direction - porn directors trying to bring these elements of proper cinema into their skin-flicks. I don't exactly watch a lot of porn, but surely there must be a real world equivalent of the Burt Reynolds character in Boogie Nights who wanted to do just that.   

       I don't think you can really bring porn into the mainstream this easily though. Why *should* the sex be real? You wouldn't shoot a dog just to make sure little Timmy's tears were real in a single scene or blow away extras just to get a more exciting Terminator Three. Method acting only goes so far, and I suspect many actors would draw the line here; there would only be a few cases, I think, where graphic sex was integral to the nature of the movie, so for the most part the porn-elements would remain just that - designed to wank to, rather than to watch.   

       Hell, how many Hollywood studpuppies and vixens are only acting in their real-world *relationships*, anyway, never mind the movies? Lose all the modern-day Rock Hudsons and I suspect Hollywood would be up shit creek.
Guy Fox, Jan 10 2002

       As Guy Fox says, this has been baked a number of times in films including "Intimacy" (Kerry Fox and Mark Rylance get it on), "Romance", and "The Idiots". However, in most art films with sex, the sex isn't supposed to be arousing, just real and demystified, i.e. not like pornography.   

       Still, there have been attempts to make arty porn movies, like the Emmanuelle series in the 1970s. And several famous actors have appeared in pornographic movies, such as Sly Stallone.
pottedstu, Jan 10 2002

       I live in Hollywood myself and straight up shit creek is the HOLLYWOOD sign - in the bakerys hono(u)r I'll go look at the sign in the darkness
18 barefoot steps on the balcony out and 18 barefoot steps back to carpet in the elapsed time of exactly a few seconds I have returned - it is still there I can assure you
I talk to actors and actresses and Casting Directors and Agents on a daily basis. Yesterday a Casting Director and I had a smoke - Films are "needing" bigger names - and are oftentimes being miscast in order to fulfill that Box Office agenda. Tonight I was delivering a script (that's what I've done the last 6 years - Scripts, Tapes, Phot/Resume/Contracts to and from Agencies/Studios/Actors/Models, etc. and why I am able to pop in to bakery in a.m., mid-day, late night - hours are sweet - {my own Script(s) remain my own - which is not a good thing}) in Bel Air to a likely nominee for next Academy Awards - we conversed briefly about his recent "hot" status and the likelihood of repeated visits due to same.
I've been in a couple of short films - one involved use of body double for the lead - The lead is an unmatchable baker of cheesecake as attendees of my 37th and 38th birthday celebrations can attest - but she doesn't like to show cheesecake, as it were. There is a certain amount of soul which is missing from her role in this particular film, plumbed to the depths her experience on stage, screen, coaching and life may be.
I believe that is partly due to unwillingness to go the extra mile - incidentally - the scene was simply one of her - nonsexual and not with a male or another female.
All that - and aside from what has already been pointed out by others in the here and now - some 'actual' nude scenes may be a disappointment to those who may be of the wrist rocket bent. Regardless - I see it for Art*, if Film can be defined as such - some is. *Art (UpperCase Intentional) is not Illustration. art (lowercase intentional) is illustration and is not Art, but artifice. Whether nude Male or Female - if something is added to the experience (for the actor and audience) which would be missing if the actor did not reveal their soul by means of Being The Subject. No point in being an actor if the artifice exists. An actor has a responsibility to themselves to reveal themselves if they through the very act of acting become the reality of the role - otherwise - they are only acting. If the actor is incapable of going the extra mile, then they are miscast. Looking For Mister Goodbar is recommended.
thumbwax, Jan 10 2002

       I've recently read a quote by some fairly famous actress (who's name, and where I read this, both escape me at the moment) who says that it's not at all uncommon for some Hollywood actors to have actual intercourse on film. She said she didn't do it, but she knows many actors, men and women, who do it with the belief that it appears much more realistic on screen.
waugsqueke, Jan 10 2002

       Baked. See link. Found on MetaFilter, dated yesterday. Crackriot wouldn't happen to be a mefi regular who lacks creativity, would he/she/it?
quarterbaker, Jan 10 2002

       No, quarterbaker, he wouldn't. I really can't prove that to you, but I don't feel much need to. And does anyone notice that this idea is under the topic "movie genres?" Yes, movies of such intertwinings have been made before. Yes, some of you have named some of them. No, I'm not talking about any one particular movie. I see this as a genre that would probably go directly to video. No, I personally would not masturbate to this, but I get tired of watching character actors fall in love, come close, and - not - do it. As for stunt doubles...perhaps, but why? I spent time trying to highlight the fact that if an actor did not wish to have sex, they could just stop being an actor. [Bookworm] - interesting idea about riders in contracts for coitus, though you seem to have been joking. As for widening the gender gap...most likely not, as I'm not singling out male-and-female sex. I think sex in general is revered and feared too much in culture today, and perhaps interplaying it in movies as a singular genre would be a touchstone for others to use to integrate sex, slowly. As disease and children cause threats to all sex-ers, most turn their heads towards the afflicted, because it's "too personal." Ah well, the idea IS half-baked...that IS the idea of the halfbakery. If not a movie genre, perhaps some other type of systematic desensitization would help break the chains that bind. Hit me back, yizos...
crackriot, Jan 11 2002

       This idea reminds me of an idea of my own, one that is so similar I see no need to post it separately:   

       Porn, real porn, is too mechanical. The sex scenes in soap operas are more intimate! Why not shoot a porn movie where the actors and actresses don't need to act like they are enjoying it, because they are enjoying it? And make sure that it is not mechanical, push-me-pull-you stuff!
juuitchan3, May 06 2002

       Debby Doth Shakespeare.
RayfordSteele, May 06 2002

       last tango in paris? baked in my book. pass the butter.
etherman, May 05 2004

       I would prefer the opposite: A porn flick with a real plot, real acting, special effects, you know, a real movie. But created for the porn.
Voice, Oct 14 2008

       From the title I thought this was going to be some sort of retro computer game in which you'd be rewarded with porn when your bouncing ball knocked away the last few bricks in the wall.
hippo, Oct 14 2008

       Likewise. A console game for quiet bars.
mylodon, Oct 14 2008

       Many French of the new wave, films from the late sixties to the early nineties, were just this way and frequently without body doubles etc.
WcW, Oct 14 2008

       [Voice], I think the only way your going to get the results you want is with a movie that shows the sex scenes, as apposed to a porno with a plot. I mean, most pornos try to create some form of a plot or another, but when the goal is filth, the plot will always be, at best, a side note.
MikeD, Oct 14 2008

       My only problem with this is, if it were implemented, it would be used as an yet another excuse to publish an otherwise shitty film.   

       When I first saw the title of this idea, I thought it would be more along the lines of a movie where two versions are projected at the same time, one "clean" and one "dirty", with the user being able to see the "dirty" version by peeking behind "breakout" panels in the screen.
Spacecoyote, Oct 14 2008

       here's an idea: why doesn't hollywood re-use sets, costumes, script etc.   

       So scene gets shot, then 5 minutes later French speaking actors shoot the same scene (with French translated script), then 5 minutes later porno actors shoot scene, etc.
xaviergisz, Oct 14 2008

       //I thought it would be a prison porn movie. //   

       I thought it was going to a niche movie with actors bad acne.
nomocrow, Oct 15 2008

       // //I thought it would be a prison porn movie. //   

       I thought it was going to a niche movie with actors bad acne.//   

       I thought it would be playing a game of Breakout to reveal a pornographic picture.
Gallus, Oct 15 2008

       What do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow?   

       (to the theme of porno music) Brownchickenbrowncow
nomocrow, Oct 15 2008

       A little bit to late for remarking on this, but: The Sounds of Music?
pashute, May 07 2023

       The ball had been bouncing around the screen for half an hour now. There had been a few near misses - one time it couldn't have been more than a pixel off. Now, after a vain attempt to redirect the motion with a failed edge-hit, the player was down to their last life.
The audience was hushed, sombre. Soon the ball would speed up beyond the point of controllability, and then the chance of penetrating the narrow aperture would be slim indeed.
A clinical hit by the batter sent the ball rolling up towards the opening. It looked good. It looked /really/ good. Could it... maybe..?

Right on target, the ball pushed up through the welcoming hole to reach the glorious depths inside. The crowd erupted with joy, throwing half-eaten buckets of popcorn into the air in jubilation and hugging each other in shared delight.

       Balls Deep.
Loris, May 25 2023

       I like this idea and I like that it was bumped. But that's just my eternally dirty mind talking.
Voice, May 25 2023


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