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Bubble gunn

Semi-automatic bubble wrap.
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Bubble wrap's good stuff.
Functional, beautiful, and tactilely pleasing to touch, it gives so much and then it gives even more with each squeal enticing, jump prodding pop, and all it asks of us in return is to be recycled so that, not unlike the phoenix, it can be reborn from the heat into new sheets of harmless explosive goodness to be enjoyed by children of all ages for generations to come.
I don't think it will mind being asked for just a little bit more.

Cut into strips, each bubble can now be enjoyed to its auditory fullness by feeding it into the breech of a semi automatic toy rifle. Squeezing the trigger turns the rollers inside the gun which pop each one in succession. By pre-injecting them with a small amount of flour and then covering the puncture with a piece of clear tape, the blast of air down the tube will bring a slight waft of simulated smoke for the marksman to blow away from the end of the barrel.
Life is good.

A pair of 45 calibre bubble wrap weapons http://www.dimout.c...p-thong-bikini.html
:) sorry! (oh, and not work safe in some jurisdictions..) [ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 03 2005]

Make Your Own Booble Wrap Make_20Your_20Own_20Booble_20Wrap
quarter-baked in my second annotation [FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2005]


       pop-a-wrap ?
normzone, Apr 02 2005

       Unreserved bun.
Basepair, Apr 02 2005

       Could those little puffs of air blow bubbles too? Every time I set my dishwashing liquid bottle down too hard about 300 tiny bubbles come out of the nozzle and spray into the air. Actually that might just confuse things.
JesusHChrist, Apr 02 2005

       Never hoid the woid pop-a-wrap [normzone], must be the same stuff though.
I was going to make a twelve gauge for (the kind with really big bubbles!)

       [Consul] The weapons in that link are fully automatic and therefore banned in Canada.
I'll take three.

       + for making simulated smoke that is actually explosive.
Shz, Apr 03 2005

       Ah, looks like you beat me to the punch [FarmerJohn]. Kudos.
One of these days I'm going to remember to search before posting. [marked–for–expiry]

       I was trying to be discreet, but....   

       Pop a wrap in your ass [aka: Pop a cap in your ass] slang for shooting you   

       [gangsta slang]   

       [FarmerJohn] whats the story on the cat statue behind the model [normzone cringes.....background is more important than model]
normzone, Apr 04 2005

       [2 fries] Hardly grounds for expiration of this well-fleshed out notion.   

       [norm] Guess I missed that story.
FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2005

       If you say so, then it must be so. [un–marked–for–expiry]   

       The bandoliers would be very slick as well. "Slick as a scurvy dogs' slobber", one might say!
bungston, Sep 19 2006


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