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laser wand

lasertag toy in guise of magic wand
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Incant spell (voice command) and wave wand at target to cast. About a dozen spells, offensive and defensive, would have varied effects on target wands. Play out duels or team battles between your favorite wizards and witches.
silicon wizard, Jan 08 2005


       Workable, but not too original in my oppinion...
Also, I find the concept incredibly lame - but it'd probably sell well...
my-nep, Jan 08 2005

       Don't like the laser, do very much like "wands" that manage a battle system with combined voice/gesture interface. But mostly, with wands, you don't point, you just wave. (It's more polite.)
jutta, Jan 08 2005

       note about lasertag: doesn't use lasers, but not quite as directional IR.
silicon wizard, Jan 10 2005


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