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Recoiless Foam Dart Gun

See above.
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A foam dart gun that uses a small amount rocket fuel to propel darts, instead of an air pump. A Nerf gun crossed with an anti-tank weapons system.

The amount of rocket fuel used does not create enough force to kill or wound since it's still a toy, but you probably still wouldn't willingly get in front of it or use it indoors, near children, or really in general.

notmarkflynn, Oct 13 2009

Wiki article on recoilless weapons. http://en.wikipedia...ki/Recoilless_rifle
[notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009]


       //I've seen people make this themselves on various sites// [marked-for-deletion] known to exist....
pocmloc, Oct 13 2009

       welcome to the HB blah blah helpfile blah left side of page under "meta" blah blah.
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2009

       <nemesis>Replace 'foam dart' with 'bullet destined for the heart of notmarkflynn', 'pressurized CO2' with 'righteous rage', and you end up with something surprisingly similar to what I hold at all times.   

       Your version is comically hackneyed and useless.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 13 2009

       I found a patent form that pretty much covers my original idea, so I modified it. Rockets!
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009

       Hey, the old [dbmag9] [notmarkflynn] nemesis matchup! I've been missing this!
normzone, Oct 14 2009

       That's really the main reason that I'm trying to keep this idea un-deleted. For old times sake.
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009

       Then I would really reconsider the 'recoiless' bit.
If there is no recoil, the Bullitt stays in the barrell.
gnomethang, Oct 14 2009

       Recoilless doesn't mean that no force is exerted on the ammunition, it just means that that force is equal in two opposite directions, and thus recoil is negligible for the person operating the firearm.   

       Think like a rocket launcher. I'll add a link.
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009

       Welcome to the halfbakery, [notmarkflynn]... Hey, waidaminnit - there's some stuff of yours in the fridge that's been there for like *ever*, right?
lurch, Oct 14 2009

       Don't throw any of that out! *Especially* the moldy stuff.
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009


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