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Cupid's Crossbow

Shoot a bolt of love!
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This low-velocity crossbow comes complete with laser sights and a lightweight titanium bolt, tipped with a tiny rubber ink-stamp bearing a pair of red lips with which to annoint your love's forehead. The bolt is telescopic and contains a small airhole in the rear end notch allowing it to compress smoothly and harmlessly when it strikes it's target. While being fired the airhole is sealed by the rubber bowstring to prevent compression.

Also included is a pack of scented notelets that can be fastened around the bolt using the supplied red ribbon, for the delivery of your own message of undying love or cryptic riddle.

Cupid's Crossbow does not guarantee results, but does guarantee a response.

wagster, Oct 03 2005


       It would be fun to send random people cryptic riddles for no reason whatsoever. Definite bun for the idea, but I hazard to guess what will be next; Cupid's Grenade Launcher, Cupid's Sniper RIfle?
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       //While being fired the airhole is sealed by the rubber bowstring to prevent compression// Obvious bun for health and safety design details of this idea.
coprocephalous, Oct 03 2005

       now if I can just get Johnny (Depp) to stand still a few seconds...   

       it needs to be a red ribbon [wags].
dentworth, Oct 03 2005

       A well placed shot between the eyes is the highest form of flattery.   

       Notelet: “If you are male, I sincerely apologize for my lousy aim. Please pass this to the woman next to you…”
Shz, Oct 03 2005

       [shz] Interesting point - would a man rather admit to being gay than being a bad shot?
coprocephalous, Oct 03 2005

       //it needs to be a red ribbon [wags]// - Quite right. Corrected.
wagster, Oct 03 2005

       Hmmm... crowded room and a 3mph breeze from the ceiling fan. I always knew those hours spent playing Scorched Earth would pay off someday.
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2005

       <Stereotyping> show me a man who will admit he is a bad shot and I will show you a gay man.
zeno, Oct 05 2005


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