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Bubble wrap adhesive Tape

For when you don't want all of the tape's surface to be sticky.
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Sometimes you want to tape something down, such as a photograph, but don't want the adhesive to muck up the actual item. This tape has small, bubblewrap-type pockets of glue on one side. You press firmly enough to pop the sections you want glue to emanate from so that bits sticky leaving the rest unsullied.

This concept would also work for "Police - Do Not Cross" type tape where the coppers currently have to tie it onto whatever is handy because it has no adhesive at all. If there is a doorway or a car wreck which they want to tape off without any obvious tying points they can glue the ends without hassle or a wide swath of exposed adhesive.

AusCan531, May 07 2015


       Oh. I thought this would be a roll of bubble wrap with stickyness on one side. So that you could apply a bubble wrap strip to something. I would have bunned that.
Custardguts, May 07 2015

       [Custardguts] what you are asking for is already baked.   

       The concept of the main idea sounds interesting. The problem I see is that adhesive can be accidentally deployed later from other parts of the tape if pressure is applied
scad mientist, May 07 2015

       Nerd flypaper.
FlyingToaster, May 07 2015

       I believe it could work, and would be cool. There, have a sticky bun.+
blissmiss, May 07 2015

       Two part epoxy in adjoining bubbles. The un-poped would freeze solid in a few weeks, if my experience with epoxy shelf life is typical.   

       You don't want Mom to stick to the photo album, if she falls asleep looking at it.
popbottle, May 09 2015


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