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Cat Pannier

Put 'em to work
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Cats are essentially too lazy. They should earn their keep.

The cat pannier is a sling of material that rests over the cat's back. Pockets adorn each flank, enabling your cat to carry things.

On command*, your cat with cat pannier can bring your remote control to your chair, pop out to fetch a four-pack of lager, or bring the sticky-tape so that you can wrap a gift for a loved one.

Don't let them get away with doing *nothing*. Put them to work - cat pannier is just the trick.

*Don't worry, I do realise that it's foolish to attempt to command a cat to do anything, but one can dream can't one? Happy New Year.

jonthegeologist, Dec 31 2005


       I suppose all those who got Buckaroo this Christmas will have something to do with part of the game, now.
Dub, Dec 31 2005

       The best way to get a cat to come when called, is to have a length of string tied around one of its legs and drag it to you.
fridge duck, Dec 31 2005

       Noted the category. Is your cat going to become a gift for a loved one?
lurch, Dec 31 2005

       Roy could have had a first aid kit RIght There.   

       Vegetable Biryani £7.25 Vegetable Garlic £5.75 Balti Vegetable £6.25 Vegetable Side Dishes Sag Panier £2.95 Aloo Gobi or Aloo Peas £2.95 Aloo Saag £2.95 Cat Panier £1.59
Dub, Jan 01 2006

       Hope [The Cat] doesn't see this one.
zeno, Jan 01 2006

       She's too busy fetching the newspapers.
DrCurry, Jan 01 2006

       //Hope [The Cat] doesn't see this one//   

       <pisses on panniers>
The Kat, Jan 01 2006

       Read this as "cat peltier"... if you butter one side of a peltier bridge, and tape it to the back of a cat, what happens?
roleohibachi, Jan 02 2006

       ... she's on holiday, but not sure I see the problem.
jonthegeologist, Jan 02 2006


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