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Bah Humbug decorations

Support for the modern Ebenezer
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It's the season of annoying TV adverts and noisy people wearing silly costumes.

I propose a range of signage and decorations to indicate to the world that people insisiting on making streat music are not welcome.

Ideally printed in simple color schemes, to keep printing costs down. Black printing on cheap grey unbleached cloth or paper is probably ideal.

Any light bulbs (required to make the signs visible at night) should be as low a power as possible and should only flash to save energy.

Slogans such as "Go Away!" and "£ $ Stop wasting your money £ $" seem sutiable.

Any symbology involved should only be such as to remind others of the errors of their money wasting ways and hence should be important symbols such as £ $ etc

I also propose a filter for broadcast recievers that uses state of the art voice and sound recognition technology to play soothing static over any discusion of festivities or festive music.

(I do realise the slight flaw in these proposals in that they all cost money which would better be spent on a good stout lock to keep the troublemakers out, howver if you BUY THE ITEMS FROM ME then I am happy)

RattyBunyip, Dec 02 2009

a lovely, decked out house... http://www.unplggd....timasdittohouse.jpg
you can hardly notice the house next to it [FlyingToaster, Dec 02 2009]

Bah Humbug neon sign for sale http://calgary.kiji...-W0QQAdIdZ171227317
It has probably sold by now [Aristotle, Dec 02 2009]


       We did this at work place of mine in the early 90s.   

       We actually stuck up self-printed "Bah Humbug" banners and a Father Christmas image with a Ghostbusters "No Entry" style sign super-imposed. Early Xerox desktop workstations and printing assets helped out with this venture.   

       We had to relent a bit when one of our cluster of four wanted something more festive ...
Aristotle, Dec 02 2009

       I've wanted to make a sign for the front window saying "Bah Humbug" in flashing LEDs for some time now.
Loris, Dec 02 2009


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