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Big Flashing Billboard Notes

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How many times have you left the house and been halfway to the office when you suddenly realised you forgot to de-bean the cat, wind the turbot, or retread the fridge, and all on the same day the cleaning lady's coming round!

Yes, you left yourself post-it notes, one on the fridge, and the others in different places, but you just didn't see them on your way out this morning.

What you need is a great big, flashing, neon sign displaying the words "RELEASE GORDON" (or whatever chore you are liable to otherwise forget) right by the door, in order to jog your memory just before leaving for work.

zen_tom, Nov 01 2005


       Or put the post-it notes on the door. Either works.
Texticle, Nov 01 2005

       I would like to know more about this de-beaning of cats you speak of.   

       I'm very afraid <hides behind 2fries>
po, Nov 01 2005

       Gordon or (k)not - you get a +
po, Nov 01 2005

       I thought this was actually a billboard you'd see from the highway, halfway to the office, that would remind you to turn around.
phundug, Nov 01 2005

       De-beaning, sometimes (more accurately) spelt as debeening is the existential process by which you remove something from the space-time continuum, causing it not to have become, i.e. It never will have been.   

       Debeaning the cat would likely be necessary after it has inadvertently alerted the neighbours to Gordon.   

       Oh!, must dash, I have a pigeon to obfuscate.
zen_tom, Nov 02 2005

       reminiscent of "LA story".
xaviergisz, Nov 03 2005

       Oh, this is perfect for people who suffer from CRS!   

       (who's Gordon?)
Machiavelli, Nov 03 2005

       Gordon's alive!
calum, Nov 03 2005

skinflaps, Nov 03 2005

       Mrs. Pine Takes a Trip   

       Oh no! Said Mr. Pine. The list is lost!!   

       Lets see. It said "feed the dog, feed the cat, feed the fish."   

       I did that, said Mr. pine and smiled.   

       Oh yes. And it said "Get lots of rest!".   

       After 1 week the lawn looked like this. The kitchen looked like this! The house looked like this!!
pashute, Sep 10 2022


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