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Blue Tooth Alternative
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Proposed is a headband used to strap a cell phone on the side of the user's face. The preferred embodiment would resemble either a U-shaped headband with a clip on side side (similar to a call center headset), or it might involve two velco straps that wrap around the user's head for greater stability (like a dog harness). It would result in only one battery to worry about, easier configuration, greater wireless security, known call quality before the product is purchased, compatibility with a wide range of devices, and most importantly, very low cost. Throw a few goofy celebrities on TV using one, and the stigma of the absurd would turn into a fashion statement.
kevinthenerd, Sep 14 2012

Like this? http://www.cell-mateus.com/
[Alterother, Sep 14 2012]

Or like this? http://www.the-rubb...ages/handsfree2.jpg
[ytk, Sep 15 2012]


       Denture debenture?
Phrontistery, Sep 15 2012

       Been there, doing that. 30 K and counting.
normzone, Sep 15 2012

       Ho hum, Go the whole hog. Make a true iphone with a built in phone in a contact lens.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 15 2012


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