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Captcha NoBot App

An App that pre-checks and cuts off a call if it is a bot calling
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As a NoBot app on my phone, When someone calls, I want my phone to present a voice menu, 'Please say these three numbers if you are a real person... ABC'

And ABC is randomly chosen. In fact, the pronunciation should have a varying degree of accents.

If the caller fails, it automatically immediately hangs up. On three consecutive fails, auto-add them to the spam list.

At least for a while, they will not have automated to by- pass this NoBot app.

As an option, there should be a public pin. Just hand it out like an extension number, but it isn't published.

The app would say, please enter an extension. But treat this just like the Captcha, add them to the Spam list if they fail 3 times. Obviously they are fishing.

So the app has two options, Captcha, and the secret extension. On or off independently.

Only after the the person is qualified, then the phone will ring.

Arak_Lea, Jul 22 2021


       Welcome to the 'bakery, [Arak_Lea].
pertinax, Jul 23 2021

       [Arak_Lea] dials the published number for pocmloc services.
<recorded voice>This number is protected. To confirm you are a human please enter this week's 13-digit secret PIN
<dials furiously>
<recorded voice> That was good, but not hard for a scammer bot. Please now enter the odd placed numerals from last week's 13-digit secret PIN
<dials furiously>
Congratulations! You have passed the first test. Now we can let you know that you are through to pocmloc services. But you might still be a scammer, so please repeat after me: Eff Haitch Zed
[Arak_Lea]: "er.. eff, aich..."
<recorded voice>Sorry, that was not correct. You have two more tries before you are blacklisted forever from all of our clients. Please try again.
<confused silence>
Meanwhile, at pocmloc Island's secret headquarters: "You know, team, it's strange how we haven't had any new customers, or repeat customers, or general enquiries since installing this new system. I did tell [Arak_Lea] to call in with a daily report of how well it was doing but we haven't even had a call from them. Perhaps we should go out and check the mice haven't eaten the telephone cables again"
pocmloc, Jul 23 2021

       Welcome to the place of dead roads that come alive in the darkest recesses of your mind. Your idea is a bit ok, but this issue has already been attended to on a previous posting, but let me award you your first croissant crumb, and mine count for double of everyone else’s here. [+] If you want more, especially the nice fat ones filled with alcoholic cream, then post an idea that devises a scheme to entice Bezos, Branson, and Musk to go into outer space again in one capsule, and stay there in a permanent orbit. They can bring Trump with them to hold daily on-board rallies.
xenzag, Jul 23 2021

       Welcome Arak! B'ware [xenzag] as someone who promises upvotes but forgets to deliver. I attribute it to a short attention span rather than malice.   

       As for your idea, I rang someone in Canada last week and their answering machine said "Press 3 to continue" which was enough to thwart dialer-bots.
AusCan531, Jul 23 2021

       hi there [Arak] welcome here.
xandram, Jul 23 2021

Voice, Jul 26 2021


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