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Cell phone handle

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People screaming into cell phones. Possibly screaming rock and roll lyrics into the cell phone? Using the cell phone as a wireless microphone? Using the cell phone as a hardwired microphone!

But the grip is wrong. BUNGCO will make it right. The cell phone handle is like that of a big rock and roll microphone, so you can gesture and strut like Iggy Pop. The handle comes with a round foam ball covering, to soften your hard P and T. Deluxe mode has the entire microphone stand: channel David Lee Roth with every conversation!

Even with your mom.

bungston, Feb 25 2015

A variant on the theme Large_20Widescreen_20SmartPhone
Different purpose; different handle. [Vernon, Feb 26 2015]


       Will it stand up to me channeling Roger Daltrey?
normzone, Feb 25 2015

       Oi! Nobody's gonna soften my hard P and T.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2015

       Make it bluetooth, combine it with a bluetooth earbud, keep the phone out of sight, and you've got a winner.
Freefall, Feb 26 2015

       Iggy Pop's phone: From nyt interview.   

       "Do you have a smartphone?   

       I have a smart guy. I have a smart guy with a smartphone and a computer and nothing is in my name ever and I’m scared of it. I do have an old flip cell phone called a Rugby because you can drop it a lot and it won’t break, and when you want to text it still has three letters to each button. So, I can read an email, but I don’t know how to send one."
popbottle, Feb 27 2015


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