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Cell Phone Dust Covers

Covers/Caps/Plugs for holes on your cell phone.
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It would be great if there where caps for all the holes on a cell phone that don't need dirt to get in. Holes like the power connecter at the bottom, the headset port, and the lense for camera phones. I constantly have to clean them out.

My v551 came with nothing covering the holes. If anything, the camera lense is what I want to protect the most.

Robert112, Dec 06 2005

try a plastic bag, Robert. http://www.flagstaf...1/plastic%20bag.JPG
:) [po, Dec 06 2005]


       Um - my last two cell phones came with caps on the power conectors. The last one also had a headset cap that was even attached so it wouldn't get lost.
migennes, Dec 07 2005

       Alot of phones have these but Alot of them do not. But i do like the idea about the phone camera lense Protect it.
Grittles, Jun 10 2007

       I think that cell phones are a waste of time and should be used only when absolutely necessary.
krigre55, Nov 29 2007

       Can a VGA camera (V551) even pick up a scratch on the lens? Thats less then a megapixel.   

       There are films to cover plastic screens and lenses, available at most cell phone kiosks in your local mall.   

       You could also take connectors the same size as the ones in your phone and cut them down to fill the holes, although this might make your phone think it is charging or plugged in to headphones.   

       If you lightly oil (or WD40) the contacts you could put sone liquid latex in the holes, that will dry and come out as one piece. Just dont put too much in.
Giblet, Nov 29 2007


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