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Crash Fest Dummies

High speed dummy boxing
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The game involves two train tracks side by side, in oval shapes. On each track is the chassis of a cart, with a crash test dummy standing on it, supported by a wire on either shoulder, attached above to an overhead beam.
The dummies are remote controlled, and the player has a body suit which detects their arm and leg movement, and copies the movement in the dummies using motors in the joints of the limbs. As the carts move around the track (Speed is controlled by a pedal, pushed by the players foot), the dummies face each other across the gap between the two tracks and fight, each has a protected camera in their chest which feeds back to a screen for the player to watch and remotely control. The winner is the last one whose dummy is still on the cart, or the one with the most functioning motors remaining.
The four player version allows one person per team controlling the vehicle, and the other controlling the dummy, the vehicles each being a normal car chassis and the track being a circular road.
For a more interesting version, have padded floors and don’t bother with dummies at all.
fridge duck, Apr 17 2005


       For an even more interesting version, scrap the padded floors.
hidden truths, Apr 17 2005

       I was hoping for some response to this idea, not that I'm complaining about the + votes but you know, some annotations might have been nice.
fridge duck, Apr 21 2005

       Not good enough for you, am I [fridge]?
hidden truths, Apr 21 2005

       I think I find the category - games, pretty boring because there is not really any reason why you cannot just get your mates to try it...
po, Apr 22 2005

       I love this.
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2005

       (Fridge duck) Since you were complaining about not getting annotations, I'm going to make an extra long annotation with lots of questions.   

       Question One: How the hell did you come up with this game?   

       Question Two: Would this become a national sport? With maybe coverage on ESPN?   

       Question Three: Would baseball bats be allowed in this game?   

       Question Four:If bats are allowed, what is the number of points you get if you hit the other player?   

       Normally I pretend I'm against violent games, but i enjoy watching action movies and gruesome battle scenes too much. Great idea!
hobbitcoat, Apr 22 2005

       [hobbitcoat] -
One: How does anyone come up with ideas on this site? Pretty much anything can inspire random thoughts, in this case I just happened to be thinking about crash test dummies.
Two: I would really love for this to become popular, but to be honest I'm not sure just how excited people get watching dummies in cars (Though the example of Formula 1 gives me hope).
As for the baseball bats, why not? They can only add to the fun, though I'm not sure just how well the dummies can grip.
fridge duck, Apr 22 2005

       Use super glue and lots of string to keep the bats in the dummies' hands. Or maybe you should go with the more interesting version with real people fighting with each other. Then they could have baseball bats!
hobbitcoat, Apr 24 2005

       Speaking from experience, I can say that people don't like to have baseball bats glued to their hands.
hidden truths, Apr 25 2005


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