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Heavy construction wrestling
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Hey, we have demolition derbies and monster truck rallies (and school bus racing for that matter).

This might be better done by remote control, it could get rough.

Games could be Sumo wrestling, king of the hill, etc. Add trenches to fall into, fun!

I wanna see bulldozer whomp on frontloader. GO BULLDOZER! YEE-HAW!

<Additional info on what I had in mind>

I've seen video of various robot wars type events, and that's one niche worth filling. From what I've seen, SRL often reaches the scale that I'm thinking about. (And then some!)

What I originally had in mind was a testosterone-laden spectator sport involving large, powerful, familiar machinery used in ways that void the warranty. My thinking being that the novelty of custom hardware and robots would kind of distract from the sheer violence of the spectacle.

Some additional sources : RadicalExtremeHobbies http://www.reh42.com

I believe I saw something about staged train crashes at Idaho state fairs at the Roadside America site (http://www.roadsideamerica.com) (a fine site, that one).

rantman, May 16 2000

The Dancing Diggers http://www.heservic...stunteam/stunt1.htm
Here in the midwest, we value our construction equipment. Apparently these folks in the UK do as well. (PS: School bus races are out, trailer races are in. Ten cars hauling boats and campers 'until the last trailer trails!') [koz, May 16 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Survival Research Labs http://www.srl.org
Dangerous robot performace art. [mab, May 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Robot Wars http://www.robotwars.com
Dangerous robot competition. [mab, May 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't someone have a very small scale version of this with little robots every year? And the robots are designed to kill each other? It always sounded like great fun to me--although it might appeal to a less limited audience if they were really, really big. But not having anyone in there is key--I know we often want to look up to the people who control stuff, but it's so much fun to see the situations that the builders/programmers never anticipated.
mcfrank, May 18 2000

       That would be "Robot Wars"; check out the link at left. I don't think they've done it in a few years.   

       Also, Survival Research Labs does occasional perfomances along the same lines.
mab, May 18 2000

       Robot Wars is for weedy weaklings (at least the UK version - the US version I saw was better). I very much like the idea of big machines smashing each other to bits. From experience (as a spectator not a participant) I can tell you that the car + caravan demolition derbies are a hoot. All in favour say aye!
DrBob, Jul 10 2000


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