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Bullet Hell 3D game

Maybe the next touhou game could be like this?
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Bullet hell games tends to be a 2D affair, due to the need for fine tune control to avoid murder by lots of bullets on the screen.

I saw a fan made 3d touhou game that looked pretty interesting, but I wonder how easy would it really be to control without depth perception, and standard keypad controls.

With the soon existing Oculus rift, and 3d input controller (like leap motion control). I think such game could exist in a much more playable form.

This is since you be able to tell exactly where all the bullets flying around is spatially positioned. Also you would be able to move around it in a 3d manner with a 3d controller.

Even without 3d controllers, a 3d view + WASD buttons + arrow buttons could probably be enough to control a character in a bullet hell game.

mofosyne, Jun 22 2013

3d tohou http://www.youtube....watch?v=09ngfE279uk
it doesn't render to a HMD, but shows a wireframe box to give user approx idea about spacial position [mofosyne, Jun 22 2013]

leap motion https://www.leapmotion.com/
hands off 3d controller [mofosyne, Jun 22 2013]

Images of Bullet Hell https://www.google....AQ&biw=1440&bih=702
They are very beautiful. Not what I imagined at all. [bungston, Jun 22 2013]

Guys -- if you have an interest in 3D games http://www.kickstar.../surreal-adventures
Our kickstarter just launched today [theircompetitor, Jun 26 2013]

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       I read up on Bullet Hell. But the descriptions do not do justice to the images. Must it be Hell? Could there not be such a game where the bullets were like a gentle summer rain, or falling blossoms, landing on the upturned faces of the players?
bungston, Jun 22 2013

       I'm actually quite confident that there would exist, somewhere, a golden-shower themed game such as you suggest - I just don't think that's what [akibo] was describing.
Custardguts, Jun 23 2013

       why not a 4-d bullet hell game?
sninctown, Jun 23 2013


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