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Bullet Time Money Shot

"The Matrix"-style animation of the, uh, climax
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Since computer-generated imagery has gotten so much cheaper in the last few years, it's only a matter of time before it makes it into low-budget pornography.

The classic "bullet time" effect is achieved with a row of cameras pointing at the subject that are all triggered at once. Then rather than a sequence of frames from the same angle at different times, we have a sequence of frames from different angles at the same time. This allows objects on film to hover in mid-air, frozen in time, while the camera moves around them.

Which objects might be used in a porno is left as an exercise to the reader.

frankus, Dec 20 2007


       Great idea. You could even have 3D movies that you can rotate and slow down interactively!
ping, Dec 20 2007

       Hm. Er. Wow. Um. Are you sure this hasn't been done before? (I mean, I'd go search, but you know how corporate firewalls are...)
DrCurry, Dec 20 2007

       This would seem contrary to the low budget-ness of most adult movies but perhaps, if the cost of equipment and editing were lowered enough, this might be viable. It's certain someone would buy it.
phoenix, Dec 21 2007

       Blob, blob, blob, blob, blob, blob ? Blob !
Brett-Blob, Dec 21 2007

       Could you, in the second paragraph's last sentence, change "camera" to "point of view"? As is said, there are multiple cameras. Thank you.   

       Then, in the first paragraph, could you take out the reference to computer-generated imagery? The post discusses a way to use cameras to film an effect that is, despite appearances, NOT computer-generated. Thank you.   

       Then could you read the second half of the first sentence, and focus on the phrase "it's only a matter of time"? Then delete this idea. Thank you.
baconbrain, Dec 21 2007


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