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Bumper Go Round - on ice

Bumper Cars on a giant ice rink Merry Go Round
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A large Merry Go Round is created by fitting together very large donut shaped discs with a circular spinning center.

The adjacent discs spin in opposite directions and are coated in ice.

Bumper cars are loosed upon this moving ice field for the amusement of participants and onlookers both, as a collision will slide a car across the Merry Go Round and put cars that cross the counter rotating discs haphazardly into amusing spins themselves.

Upgrades to the attraction could include plastic panels that actually dent and can be popped back into their original shape by plates underneath the plastic in an air space / or steaming radiators that emit some kind of smoke when a large impact is detected.

Zimmy, Apr 11 2008

Bumper Cars On Ice! http://www.skaneate...view&id=72&Itemid=1
$4 per ride or 3 rides for $10 [Klaatu, Apr 12 2008]


       baked: first week of winter while all the noob drivers get their "snow legs"
FlyingToaster, Apr 11 2008

       Haha.. I love driving on snow, but yeah, I agree. I really like the idea of the smoking engine. They should implement it on regular bumper cars.
rascalraidex, Apr 12 2008


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