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Dr Curry's Whippy Hose Ride

Nice Horsey!
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The Dr Curry Whippy Hose Ride takes place in a large flat grassy field. Instead of the usual dodgem cars, there are motorised sheep with saddles, mounted on a trolly base. Around each sheep is the usual dodgem bumper material. There is no electricity involved, the motive power instead coming from an ingenious air pump motor - the rider must squeeze the thorax of their sheep with their knees to operate a bellows which pressurises a gas reservoir. The gas can only be released, and the air pump motor therefore engaged, by the rider firmly whacking the rump of their mount with a three foot length of rubber hose.

The sheep move in long swooping curves and are hard to control.

Riders must be attired in skin tight leather and ball gag.

The object of the ride is to mount other riders...or all the other sheep if you are a New Zealander.

ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 02 2005

Whippy Hose Ride Whippy_20Hose_20Ride
as per the good Doctor's request! [ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 02 2005]


       If you "Giddy up" a horse, what do you ask a sheep?
skinflaps, Sep 02 2005

       <Yosemite Sam> Whoa mule! I said Whoa! </YS>
DrBob, Sep 02 2005


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