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Memory metal dodgem

Memory-metal fenders on dodgem cars
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Dodgem cars with nickel-titanium memory metal bumpers that actually crumple up when you crash.
cloudface, Sep 02 2006

Shape memory alloy car shape_20memory_20alloy_20car
Previously, on the halfbakery... [wiml, Sep 02 2006]


       Tickets are going to be pricey.
normzone, Sep 02 2006

       [normzone], the point of using shape-memory metal is that you just heat the car a bit and it springs back to the original shape.
wiml, Sep 02 2006

       Is not the delight of actually causing damage while playing bumper cars not worth the extra price needed for the special alloy? especially here where we can laugh in the face of added costs, since we aren't actually making them ourselves?
ye_river_xiv, Sep 02 2006

       shame really but the bumpability of the dodgems would be severely reduced.
po, Sep 02 2006


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