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Bumper Subs

Underwater twist on old fashioned Bumper Car rides...
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Imagine this...

Create a really large pool (Seaworld Shamu size).

Then build small 2 person submarines specially designed for the ride. Everyone could race around an undersea obstacle course, going through hoops and such while occasionally bumping into each other safely.

Each sub would contain tracking and safety devices so that rapid (and upright) ascents would be possible in case of troubles.

zigness, Feb 20 2004

submarine collisions http://www.armscont...isions/comm0319.htm
adding bumpers couldn't hurt [Laughs Last, Oct 05 2004]


       I like the subs. I'm not sure the bumbering would amount to much though. Steering in three dimensions is pretty hard, and the chances of random collision go way down. And water kind of spoils rapid acceleration. Maybe you could equip each sub with a powerful subsonic pulse generator.
egads, Feb 20 2004

       Is this where the bumber subs can bumber shoot each other?
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       [k_sra], you must be from Seattle. (The festival must have been on my mind when I typed this the first time -- nice catch). :)
zigness, Feb 20 2004

       [egads] good points, but I have quite a lot of time as a pilot... it might take a little practice, but I don't think that driving something in 3D is all that tough.
zigness, Feb 20 2004

       Agreed. Boo!
Laughs Last, Feb 21 2004


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