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Maglev Bumper (Dodgem) Cars

Frictionless Fun
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The wonders of magnets again, but thought this would be quite fun. Motion would be provided by some kind of directional jets (small jets for changing the direction you point, and a large jet to provide forward motion). Would be a bit like the game "Thrust"...
suctionpad, Jun 24 2003


       This could be good, but I'm not so sure about these "jets." Could they be compact enough to fit in the little car, but powerful enough to provide adequate thrust *and* still be safe?   

       If that part gets worked out, you've got my vote.
snarfyguy, Jun 24 2003

       [snarfyguy] I was thinking along the lines of compressed air jets to generate thrust, perhaps using an on-board compressor, although I haven't got the time (or the expertise) to calculate the acceleration that would be possible with such a device. Either that or harness the powers of bicarbonate-of-soda.
suctionpad, Jun 24 2003


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