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Bungee Paratroopers

Why do true elite troops need to land for long?
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This is a new, fearsome weapon of war for mobile infantry who are very skilled at being very mobile.

The idea is that instead of releasing air-borne troops from a support plane by parachute, with all the attendent problems of extraction, instead you could use bungee cords calibrated to allow momentary ground contact.

You squad of troops land, act very fast and then bounce back into the hold of the support plane.

Aristotle, Oct 11 2004


       It was all well and good until the pinata massacre at Crakzisnutzen falls.   

       And Best Idea Since Bakery Resuscitation goes to....[Aristotle]! I loves it, when recruiting starts:
"I" BOIING "Want" BOIING "You!" BOIING let me know.
DocBrown, Oct 12 2004

       This idea is ridiculous.   

benfrost, Oct 12 2004

       Perfect for removing dictators from holes in the ground.
wagster, Oct 12 2004

       Sounds like broken legs, whiplash, and friendly fire to me. Bun! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Oct 12 2004

       is head first obligatory?
po, Oct 12 2004

theircompetitor, Oct 12 2004

       Stupid, yet tasty.
ldischler, Oct 13 2004

       Great if it were a hover plane, or somehow was able to suspend itself stationary until the bungee rangers came back up
shaneism16, Oct 13 2004

       I just don't understand how they stay on the ground, but you could have the plane circle close and low and then on take off the troopers would be pulled forcefully back to the plane.
schematics, Oct 13 2004

       A heli? Duck on the return trip.
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2004

       Yup, I'll never forget the day the air wing dropped our platoon just few feet too low, lost whole squads that day. Well, we didn't loose them per se, but it was a black day for the Bouncing 132nd.
Laughs Last, Oct 14 2004

       He who laughs last, laughs last....
DesertFox, Dec 25 2004


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