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leap tall buildings in a single bound

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There is a kind of bungee jump in which you are tied to a tensioned bungee attached to a tall frame. The bungee is released and you spring up into the air and then bounce around a bit until they let you down.

This idea is to have a bungee attached to a framework above and behind a tall building. You would casually stand in front of the building, assume a determined, leaping pose as your assistant releases the bungee and you leap over the building and the mechanism lets you safely down to earth behind the building.

Quite feasible, I think, as bungee trajectories can be made very accurate (i.e. so you don't hit the building). It would give seasoned bungee jumpers a new thrill, and it would look cool.
hippo, Nov 25 2003


       Hey [Hippo].. very creative.   

       Strange how an idea can sound outrageous at first, then become quite accepted in a short amount of time. Would someone actually risk being slammed into a building for a thrill like this? Sure!   

       I’d like to add a modification: bungee launching. Use your building-tethered bungee to fire parachute clad adrenaline junkies into the air as high as possible. The bungee releases after imparting it’s energy, and the…victim… parachutes safely to earth.   

       P.S. I am following you ;)
TIB, Nov 25 2003

       hippo, you R kewl!
po, Nov 25 2003

       <commercial> Trust ACME rubber bands for all your building bounding needs! -- Endorsed by Wile E. Coyote! -- </commercial>
Letsbuildafort, Nov 25 2003

       //Use your building-tethered bungee to fire parachute clad adrenaline junkies into the air as high as possible//   

       Where can I sign up?!?
Freefall, Nov 25 2003

       Ok, not my thing but I have a list of people I'd like to have you launch ... er .. I mean bounce over some really, really tall buildings. Let me know when you get the first one working so I can pack their chutes.
soundman, Nov 25 2003

       While you're on the bungee thing, how about "faster than a speeding bullet?"
Detly, Nov 25 2003

       Detly: Horizontal bungee....
Almafeta, Nov 25 2003

       That'd really shorten my commute.
galukalock, Nov 25 2003

       [Detly], what kind of bullet? A relatively slow 45 acp or a rather faster 30-06?
soundman, Nov 26 2003

       I'm setting up a superhero costume hire shop next door. (+)
Fishrat, Nov 26 2003

       [Almafeta] Horizontal bungee... on ice!
hippo, Nov 26 2003

       So, this bungee is attached to your feet?
k_sra, Nov 26 2003

       Make the participants wear an unlined or undyed waistcoat and tie them up before launch: "leap tall buildings in a singlet, bound".
dobtabulous, Nov 26 2003

       Where did I put my brown corduroy trousers?
-alx, Nov 26 2003

       [fishrat]-- I'll set up a super hero costume rental store beside your store, so people can were the costume themselves.
SystemAdmin, Nov 26 2003

       [soundman] - I think, after the event, it would be more like a glaser.
Detly, Nov 26 2003


       Dances with vertigo.   

       It would be cool if, at close to the apex of your tragectory, you released from the bungee harness and landed, on your feet (if at all possible) on the roof of the building. It would make a good entrance to a rooftop party.
xrayTed, Nov 28 2003

       "Apogeepers, Batman!"
egbert, Nov 28 2003

       I may be imagining things, but I seem to remember an idea like this, but rather than having bungee cords or whatever, it had really small buildings. Anyone else have similar memories/halucinations?
RobertKidney, Nov 28 2003

       A while back there was a sport called balloon jumping where a helium balloon inflated to exactly compensate the weight of the sportsman who was attached by a harness. He or she could then walk up the sides of buildings and leap off the top with impunity as long as there were no strong winds.
sand, Nov 29 2003


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