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Traveling Trampoline

With ropes, pulleys, wheels and regenerative braking
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“…and this trampoline was about a meter in diameter and mounted on wheels. I couldn’t bounce very high ‘cause half of the jump energy was converted to driving the wheels. Steering was accomplished by jumping near the edge in the direction you wanted it to roll.

I wasn’t doing too well on the sidewalk. I remember a bicycle swerving around me and an old lady shaking a cane. I was passed by someone athletic doing flips on a speeding traveling trampoline. Hopping at the rear edge stopped me at the corner, and the braking energy sent me springing high into the air until the light changed. So, what do you make of my dream, Doctor?”

“This is a clear-cut case of severe halfbakeryitis. I’m afraid you’ve passed the stage of common dough-daydreams to acute bed-baking.”

FarmerJohn, Feb 21 2005


       Where can I buy one?
Basepair, Feb 21 2005

       trampolines are scary. Our coaches refuse to compete on tramp because they are so dangerous. My son's gym team watched as a kid fell on concrete floor at a meet. He died in the hospital. That is why I shudder at this idea, it is more like a bad dream. sorry fj, just had to share that story.   

       but to anyone else it probably sounds like good wild fun.
dentworth, Feb 21 2005

       We have a number of kids injured on rented lawn trampolines here, but nobody dies in my halfbaked ideas or dreams.
FarmerJohn, Feb 21 2005

       But you can have a harness which keeps you in the boundaries, and build it so that the center of gravity wont let it overturn. This is a GREAT idea!
pashute, May 20 2008


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