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Lever Press Bow Suit

New bow suit design abandons bow form for spring compression lever press.
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This new bow suit design consists of three main parts. 1) The force multiplying lever, 2) the compression spring 3) the foot lever.

Operation of Lever Press Bow Suit involves strapping feet into the boots connected to the foot levers. Standing in an upright position, and reaching for the force multiplying lever handles above your head. Hanging from the levers allows gravity to compress the compression spring.

Once the compression springs are compressed, and your body is in a crouched position, push off on the foot levers while still hanging from the force multiplying levers.

This action will actuate Lever Press Bow Suit, launching the wearer. Upon landing, hanging from the force multiplying levers will again compress the springs with the force of your falling weight and gravity. Alternating lever compression allows for a running gait.

Visually, the Lever Press Bow Suit foot lever protrudes at approximately 45 degrees for about a meter behind the wearer where it meets at a joint with the force multiplying lever. The weight of this mechanism slightly counter- balances the wearer. The compression spring is found between this joint.

rcarty, Dec 01 2013




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