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Digital Tree Hopper

Hop from tree to tree computerized to catch rope
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You wear a small machine called the "Tropper" that catches the rope tightly while your hands are free. Each tree has a Jumping Pad marked on it, and a rope leades to each pad. In order to climb up or down the rope use the Tropper. (It has a ratchet like action, and possibly a small extra motor to assist with climbing).

Ropes are brightly colored, to stand out, so that you see where you next rope is. Each rope has GPS RFID locator, so that you know next rope is available. When you hold the rope, the next rope is alerted, your rope gives the ok sign (beep, and LED), and you jump. If someone needs your rope, it is giving a sound and blinking in a way, that you know you must wait before steping onto the tree high jumping pad.

Start this as a "theme park" game. Would make theme parks have more real trees. Or start it in a public park, with city permission. Of course you would have to have safety nets where the hoppers reach high above the ground.

Once successful, this sort of transportation could become the main 21'st century city mass transit technology.

pashute, Mar 17 2008


       No, you first. I want the glory to be all yours. Remember the bear proof suit, that was great, this could be just as great.
WcW, Mar 18 2008


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