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Bunker Burger

Fast food with no hold-ups
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A franchise where each restaurant is built in a bunker and security measures equal (or exceed) the level used at airports at the moment. The air-conditioning is a sealed system designed to foil crop-sprayers. All the cultery is plastic and the door to the kitchen door is re-inforced to stop suicide chefs forcing their way into the kitchen.

This allows people to eat in complete security away from any perceived threat of terrorism.

Aristotle, Oct 10 2001


       How about the journey there? And back? Will the Bunker Burger place supply armoured cars for transport, or do I have to save up and by one from the army surplus store?
sven3012, Oct 10 2001

       You can either buy a Bunker Burger car conversion kit to armour your favourite vehicle, pre-arrange to drop in by parachute or swim up any nearby rivers with a knife in your teeth.
Aristotle, Oct 10 2001

       waugsqueke: As mentioned earlier a bunker is about the only structure that could survive such an attack. Besides there are plenty of other targets that would be hit first given the scarcity of trained pilots prepared to conduct suicide attacks.   

       PeterSealy: That bar sounds as if they should actually make a theme out of the searches. Equivalent searches to that mentioned in the bar used to be the case with a lot of Northern Ireland public places due to terrorism but these searches were carried out everywhere so no individual bar suffered.
Aristotle, Oct 10 2001

       Good idea ... especially if the food that is served can be broken down on a molecular level, and absorbed through the special feeding tube in my Level 5 Biohazard suit.
1percent, Oct 11 2001

       Rat would probably be a good animal to serve there as they could be grown in capitivity away from any risk of cattle mutilators doing doing dangerous things to livestock in open fields.
Aristotle, Oct 11 2001

       If people are nervious about being poisoned there are a couple of alternatives. One is brand strength, as no-one might even be able to think that Bunker Burgers could be poisoned with enough advertising, and the second is making the food simple enough to test for the presence of toxins. If the latter was the case then people could sell toxin testing kits to work on specific, simple processed food.
Aristotle, Oct 11 2001

       Toasted rat? On a stick? Flamegrilled? Yes please.
st3f, Oct 11 2001

       st3f: Probably any Bunker Burger rat would so processed that it would be indistiguishable from any other fast food hamburger. Rat on a stick might be a down-market option for people who can't afford the security of subterranian suppers.   

       UnaBubba: If you are really paranoid then minions, or food tasters, won't work as they could have been building up a resistance to whatever substance they are trying to bump you off with.
Aristotle, Oct 11 2001


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