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Bus Seat Blinders

Curtain that partitions facing seats to mitigate awkward staring
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A few buses have rows of seats that face each other, usually near the front of the bus so that the handicapped and the elderly can easily sit down. Unfortunately, this arrangement results in the problem of one trying to position his gaze so that he isn't awkwardly staring at the person across from him for the duration of the ride. To prevent such undesirable eye contact, buses should have raisable blinders that partition facing rows of seats from one another. This way, passengers can safely stare at a monochrome sheet of fabric until they exit at their stop.
Cuit_au_Four, Sep 26 2013

Reminded me of this... Heterosexual_20male...assurance_20gesture
[normzone, Sep 26 2013]


       This isn't so much of a problem now that smart phones exist.
DIYMatt, Sep 26 2013

       You're too cheap to buy a newspaper, aren't you ?
8th of 7, Sep 26 2013

       Bus masks for everyone.
cudgel, Sep 26 2013

       Full Metal Burkha
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2013

       I prefer sitting on face to face (aka table) seats on buses, but you don't often find them nowadays. The bus from Oxford to London used to have them and it always felt very luxurious sitting in the rear-facing seat, with a table for your book and drink, rather than slotting into a narrow cattle stall facing the back of the next seat 10 inches in front of your nose. It is a shame that railway carriages have more and more in-line seats and fewer table seats these days as well.
pocmloc, Sep 27 2013


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