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Mass Transit Guillotine Doors

now don't lie…if you have ever had to commute you LOVE this idea so hit me with the crescent rolls gosh darn it
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Tired of fellow commuters who feel obliged to keep us all waiting by holding the doors for their friends…leaping last minute through doors…getting their feet, bags, etc. caught in them? How quickly would they cease and desist in this behavior if there was a blind, unwavering and horribly bloody deterrent?
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001


       My taxes and my fares pay for public transport, so I will hold the doors open as long as is necessary.   

       (I once had to keep a tube train in the station long enough to extract a falling-down drunk, who had managed to wedge himself half-in, half-out of the train, unseen by the conductor due to the curve in the platform. And I do not care to travel with decapitated drunks.)
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       //My taxes and my fares pay for public transport, so I will hold the doors open as long as is necessary. // DrBob.   

       Compare with the abount of fare and tax paid by all the other people on that train (not to mention the next train). I thing a few lost limbs and digits may encourage more fiscal responsibility.
dare99, Oct 31 2001

       I think that placing indelibible red inkpads along the vertical edges of the doors, would provide sufficient deterent, without the need to severing any limbs.   

       i.e. A red line, where your arm 'could' have been chopped would make you think...
riposte, Jan 10 2002

       ..."who's going to take the dry-cleaning bill for this suit then?"
It is not always my fault that the doors close while I am not yet fully inside the metro or the underrgound train. Many times there are people who stop suddenly or lunge into me as we are all getting on or off at a stop. I would not be impressed if someone else's inattentive perambulation caused me to arrive at work stained. How about very small electric shocks? Would this give problems with pacemakers?
Viennoise, Jan 10 2002


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