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Seat Space Protector

seat cushion with hinged flaps that fold up on each side of you, acting as a barrier
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on the new york subway system, there are eventually the people who sit right next to me, or sometimes even on me, poking their bony elbows into my ribs, arms invading my space, girth expanding and overflowing into my own. i've wished often for a device i could bring with me onto subway cars to remedy this problem. it would be a seat that i would set beneath me, contoured to my shape, probably only quarter of an inch thick, and comfortably padded. the sides of it would be foldable flaps, hinged. they would fold up, on each side of me, creating a protective barrier against the people sitting on either side. this device would be especially helpful for smaller people such as myself, to protect ourselves from being sat upon, as other bigger people are often wont to do. this Seat Space Protector would be designed for New York subway cars that consist of long benches inside the cars, with no arm rests.
unruly, Jul 22 2004

ny subway seat http://www.yusuftuv...0-%20New%20York.jpg
here's a pic of the kind of subway seats the Seat Space Protector would be intended for. [unruly, Oct 04 2004]

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Or, just wear it. [ldischler, Oct 04 2004]

stadium seat http://www.fansedge....aspx?pfId=34-19418
[half, Oct 04 2004]

Maybe something like this would do the trick? http://store.babyce...26222_201197_md.jpg
[half, Oct 04 2004]


       This idea is so great that none of us who have voted +, could think of a thing to improve it. Sadly this means that it fell off the root page quickly. I think it deserves another chance on the recent 3.   

       Sorry if this anno crowded your idea.
swamilad, Jul 23 2004

       I agree. Though I never use the subways....... (because they don't have them here where I live)
DesertFox, Jul 23 2004

       Sounds good to me. It would also be nice to have at places like baseball games in the bleachers, park benches, et cetera.
shapu, Jul 23 2004

       You could always go without showering for a few weeks. That'd do the trick.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2004

       Take a taxi.
DrCurry, Jul 24 2004

       thank you all for the kind words, i, a fledgling half-baked creature, am honored.   

       i truly have considered not showering, or at least carrying around with me something very stinky, like a perfume bottle filled with the scent of rotten eggs. however: 1) i am shallow and would hate to have uncorked my vial only to have a really hot woman walk in, stare at me, wrinkle her nose, and then walk back out; and 2) new yorkers, i've found since i've moved here, are so impervious that you can place disheveled homeless men reeking of cabbage next to a gucci-wearing socialite, and the gucci-wearer won't even budge.
unruly, Jul 24 2004

       let's see, a month long metrocard (ny bus pass) is $70. one trip from work to home across the east river, via taxi, would cost $10-15. twice a day, that's perhaps over $600 for the month. taxis also take 50 minutes to cross 3 city blocks, because traffic in nyc is remarkably snail like. a subway ride gets you there in 10 minutes. see, that is why big people sit on me in the subway cars, i'm too poor to afford higher eschelon options.
unruly, Jul 24 2004

       Get a better job. Isn't that why you're in NY in the first place?   

       (And if you're taking either the subway or a taxi to go three city blocks, you need to get more exercise.)
DrCurry, Jul 24 2004

       Sort of like a stadium seat with arms?
half, Jul 24 2004

       You could try eating 20 Twinkies a day for a year then there wouldn't be any space left on your seat
shahcat, Sep 23 2009


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