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Public Transport Goodwill Sensor

A simple points system to determine priority on underground trains
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We all love our commute to work. What we particularly love, I'm sure, is the indignity of being pushed and shoved and generally barged out of the way by rude people. Some of us spit a little opporobrium their way, some just keep our mouths shut and feel bad all morning.

So here's the idea: each person is issued with a sensor badge as they enter the underground system. These sensors must be worn at all times. Whenever someone bashes into you and pisses you off, you send a signal via IR to their sensor and they accumulate a "point". Enough points, and that person is banned from public transport for a 1-day period. The period increases exponentially depending on your future behaviour.

neuro, Apr 13 2006


       What's the point? Eg, the Northern line will always be fucked.It's a way of life and it will never change.Someone pushes you, you find yourself shoving someone else, etc, etc...the domino effect.   

       Rant, get the bus.
skinflaps, Apr 13 2006

       I want to be a [weach] person....
xenzag, Apr 13 2006

       <Topol voice>"If I were weach man, ba-dib-a-dib dib-a-dib-a-dum.. </tv>
coprocephalous, Apr 13 2006

       Attack of the typo police!   

       "What's the point"? How visionary of you.
neuro, Apr 13 2006

       All I'm saying neuro, is that more than often it's not the commuters that are to blame, it's the conditions that they're put in.   

       Yes, I can invision a badge.
skinflaps, Apr 13 2006

       Ah... the Nuremberg defence. "I'm not an a-hole, it's just that everyone else was doing it."   

       Come on. None of us were brought up to be rude and unpleasant. With the possible exception of conservative politicians. Surely there's some sort of limitations treaty we can agree on for being a dick in rush hour?
neuro, Apr 21 2006


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