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Mass Transit Germ Warfare

Keep mass transit from spreading more than just passengers
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I mean honestly, couldn't we just fit mass transit to spray/ooze/mist some anti-bacterial disinfectant from time to time? Or maybe have hand-sanitizer dispensers on board. Or cover all the seats, poles, hooks, rings, steps with an anti- microbial finish.

Because I would prefer to "urban surf" and risk flying through a windshield than actually touch anything on the bus/train/subway. Improves my reflexes too...

Sprays may not be the most effective, especially if you happen to be giving a close visual inspection to one of the little holes. Ceiling misters could occasionally deploy an aromatic scented disinfectant.

If you carry on your own spray bottle/face mask/gloves, you look like a pooter. Or worse, a terrorist.

bdag, Sep 22 2009

Immunity from herds? http://news.bbc.co..../surrey/8268129.stm
[coprocephalous, Sep 23 2009]

BBC News: MP Blunkett injured in cow attack http://news.bbc.co....england/8089498.stm
Immunity from herds...the revenge. [zen_tom, Sep 23 2009]


       //Ceiling misters\\ I do believe they use these on plains to spray anti bacterial stuff.
zeno, Sep 23 2009

       Won't the increasing sterilization of everything everywhere weaken our defences whilst strengthening the bugs?
wagster, Sep 23 2009

       What UB said.   

       My kids were out in the dirt at 6 months old. They're now in their late teens & early twenties, virtually never had a day off school and shake off each virus that comes around in a day or two.   

       'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' could well be re-interpreted!
Twizz, Sep 23 2009

       Mind you, I'm all for early exposure and all that. My daughters have both had chicken poo in their mouth by 1 year old. It's just that I don't trust certain people on my bus to be free from nasty things such as the plague, leprosy, or consumerism. For these, a little help would be appreciated.   

       [Zeno], would that be the Great Plains, or the one in Spain with all the rain?
bdag, Sep 23 2009

zeno, Sep 24 2009


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