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Business Cards In Sterile Packets

The same tear open packets that hold handy wipes.
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Handshakes might be a thing of the past at business meetings, but with the Sani-Card business card, you can still hand out your credentials to potential business clients.

The cards are inside a foil packet that may or may not have some kind of disinfectant solution, although it's probably not necessary.

Tear it open and offer the protruding, un-touched card to the client while holding only the packet.

This wasn't an idea, it was a dream I had last night. I was at a meeting and pulled one of these out and used it and thought "Oh, that's clever, wish I had thought of that.". I guess technically I did.

Who knows what the future holds? Might turn out to be a thing. It certainly shows deference to your potential client.

doctorremulac3, May 08 2020

Fast forward to 2:00 https://www.youtube...watch?v=35p6iA24_w4
Replace the handshake with this maybe? [doctorremulac3, May 10 2020]


       This would be great if the card was impregnated with a chemical weapon capable of dermal absorption. There are many organophosphate and fluorophosphonyl derivatives with that characteristic.   

       Your target would think you were concerned for their health and wellbeing; which indeed you are, but only in as much as you want to damage it.   

       Excellent [+].
8th of 7, May 08 2020

       Does sterility(biological sparseness) help mutation?   

       In a complex environment (non sterile) there is probably less chance a mutated entity will get through the other environmental species to an new target.   

       Although, the mutation does have to get through the frequency of the sparseness creating washes and a more complex environment will give cover for said washes.
wjt, May 09 2020

       A nice alternative to the practice of handshakes. All in all a simple bow of the head should suffice too.
blissmiss, May 10 2020

       Yea, crazy to think but wondering if the handshake is dead.   

       I think the ancient Greeks are on record having started that thousands of years ago. Quaint custom, I was told it was to show you weren't holding a weapon. Maybe we should replace it with what Tony Montana and the other gangster did in the Scarface hotel scene. (link)
doctorremulac3, May 10 2020

       // wondering if the handshake is dead. //   

       No. Pretty soon, people will catch on that they've been lied to.   

       Sadly, this will discredit a lot of other genuinely useful public health initiatives that have done a lot to reduce transmissible diseases. But crying "Wolf !" is always a mistake, if there is no actual wolf.
8th of 7, May 10 2020

       But there isn't a wolf! And I haven't heard anyone crying wolf!   

       And in any case whether people cry "wolf" or not doesn't really help with mitigating deadly diseases. Imagine, I am about to unwittingly enter a plague hospital, and a person rushes up to me and says "no, don't go in there, you will die", and I say to them "why" and they say "a wolf" (actually they ought to cry it, but I don't think it matters). I look through the window and there is no wolf, but there are lots of people lying on beds. I also think, if there is a wolf around, it might be better to be inside with other people, than exposed on the street. And the beds look comfy. I say "are you sure there is a wolf?" and the person says "yes there are wolves everywhere and you must take great care", so I say "Okey dokey" and go in and catch the plague and die.
pocmloc, May 10 2020

       Yes, but you didn't get eaten by the wolf.   

       So that's all right.   

       Besides, wolves form packs. These business cards are in packs. The analogy is exact.
8th of 7, May 10 2020

       If the handshake is to show I'm not holding a weapon, then perhaps I should eschew it in favor of just holding a weapon.   

       (A scythe should do nicely. No reloads required; reaches to approximately an acceptable social distance unit; and it goes beautifully with my mask.)
lurch, May 11 2020

       Don't neglect to carry an hourglass with all the sand in the bottom bulb.
8th of 7, May 11 2020

       You could make the card surface redox active, copper for example, there are plenty of inks that would work too. Then it would self sterilize fairly quickly.
bs0u0155, May 12 2020

       I still prefer a hearty handshake, but I like this idea a lot, and I go through a lot of business cards.
21 Quest, May 13 2020

       It might be an idea for the new way we're going to do things in the future.   

       Maybe I should patent it. I know it's old school, but people still use business cards. I do. Everybody I know does.
doctorremulac3, May 13 2020

       They're OK, but not as comfortable as the three-ply quilted stuff, and they don't always flush away first time.   

       The Three Seashells are a better option.
8th of 7, May 13 2020

       You could use a spring loaded business card dispenser, which could be loaded with fresh clean business cards handled with gloves. I had one of those once until it got stolen.
21 Quest, May 14 2020


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