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Business Card Sticker Kit

Because home-made business cards are really shoddy.
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The kit would comprise a set of heavy, high quality, blank business cards, sheets of matching blank stickers and a plastic doohickey to allow you to align the two up.

Print whatever you like on the sticker, lay it at the bottom of the doohickey and put the card on top. Press firmly. Repeat if you want some text on the back of the card.

No more naff lightweight annoyingly perforated business cards for you, my son.

st3f, Jan 16 2003


       Avery now does a printable business card that peels off (rather than tears off), so no more perforated edges. Just funny curled up corners.   

       This is how their original magnetic business cards were supposed to work. Talk about naff.
DrCurry, Jan 17 2003

       The reason homemade business cards are so "naff" (I'm a Yank, so apologies if I've just insulted someone's sister) is the print quality, not generally the cardstock, which is pretty close to the kind printers use. Your usual choices are an ink jet printer (water based, smears in rain or, given enough time, a wallet) or a laser printer (toner sticks to all kinds of plastic eventually, making a mess of ye vinyl binder, business card holder, etc.   

       Which gives *me* an idea...
resurgere, Jan 17 2003

       What? Adding an extra layer of matt lamination to the sticky sandwich?   

       CrumbsDM: No, they're probably about the same price everywhere, but $80 is expensive for someone who (at a push) uses 10-15 cards a year.
st3f, Jan 20 2003


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