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Business cards

Scanning'em in
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Are there palm-pilots/cellphones/laptops etc that let you quickly scan into them, a business-card you've just received?

Would it be a good idea if you could do it?

rayfo, May 18 2001

CardScan http://www.scannerp...com.au/cardscan.htm
Since you're in NZ, here's an Aussie place that sells 'em with a review of the CardScan Executive 500. [jutta, May 18 2001]

More balanced treatment of the same product. http://www.modbee.c...1161,254408,00.html
"The Global lkeader in in Newc Dt qribution." But you can make up for that manually. [jutta, May 18 2001]


       Shows how out of touch I am. I'm beginnng to think I should close my account and be just a spectator.
rayfo, May 18 2001

       Now, having your biz card made up into temporary tatoo-transfers would be cool.
lummox, May 18 2001

       However going from business cards straight to electronic format would be useful, especially if you could fill out the electrionic form using the information. You found a need, thats for sure.   

       Alternatively you can keep up with this kind of thing by reading Fortune, The Economist or any other of the intelligent business weekly magazines. I pefer the Economist as it very good at briefing you about wars in remote places that are just about to start.
Aristotle, May 18 2001

       good grief! And take with you 'coffee-coloured world', 'Grolf', and the lot?! I think not, sir!   

       Fast, accurate ocr in-hand would certainly change the way a lot of us work.   

       If some IBMer gave me a business card with the 'peace, love, unix' icons on the backside as a temporary tattoo, I'd wear it on my forehead. Good call, lummox.
absterge, May 18 2001

       This is, indeed, baked and CardScan does its thing quite well.   

       I bought CardScan as a joke (with my company's money, of course) and put it to the test by scanning 200 radio station business cards of every conceivable configuration. The hook up is simple, the software easy to use, and the character recognition is above average (it even converted some radio station logo's to the appropriate call letters). It easily syncs-up with Outlook and keeps a scanned image of the card just in case you'd like to view the original card that you misplaced.   

       CardScan gets my "damn good product" award.
iuvare, May 22 2001


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