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Butt Crack Freshener

Fresheners that loop over your pants and down your crack.
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Have you ever had an unpleasant itching in your gluteal canyon? Sweat collecting in Valley Uranus? Think your rear could use a little freshening up?

Butt Crack Fresheners are candy-cane shaped absorbant devices that are flexible - to conform to the shape of your body. They are absorbant, to remove that annoying butt-sweat, and scented - to deter A.O. (ass-odor). The candy-cane shape allows you to hang them on your pants.

Available with menthol too, to supply a tingling sensation so you'll never need to scratch.

Butt Crack Fresheners - slip 'em round back to freshen up your crack!

trekbody, Oct 15 2004

I'm already wearing *this*, thank-you. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/butt_20wedge
(shameless self-promotion) [lintkeeper2, Oct 18 2004]

The Longtail T http://www.duluthtr...s/25531+WHI+MED.asp
[Eugene, Oct 18 2004]



       I'll only buy these if (a) I move to a hot country (b) I balloon in weight and (c) the candy cane design theme is continued on into the colour scheme.
calum, Oct 15 2004

       I laughed so hard at calum's anno I couldn't read the post...
k_sra, Oct 15 2004

       I like the menthol.   

       Perhaps they could also be modified in such a way that they keep plumbers' pants up?
shapu, Oct 15 2004

       "Perhaps they could also be modified in such a way that they keep plumbers' pants up?" ---------------- - shapu,   

       What would it push up the pants against?
trekbody, Oct 15 2004

       Hmmm...trying to decide if this grosses me out or not....
lintkeeper2, Oct 15 2004

       You could always stick it to 'em, with stick-ups...
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2004

       I've resisted reading this idea until today. Now that I have, I'm with [lintkeeper2] - not sure how I feel about this one.
vigilante, Oct 18 2004

       Well then, you and [lintkeeper] will need the fence paling butt crack freshener, currently in beta testing.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 18 2004

       Sorry, there's just no room in my gotchies for that. See link.
lintkeeper2, Oct 18 2004

       Unabubba: Frankly, I think its rather ass-inine. (Sorry.)   

       I remember the Man Show selling a similar product under the name of Man-pons.   

       I was going to suggest valerian-scented, but I think that would be a step in the lateral direction.
nick_n_uit, Oct 21 2004

       Gee, mr. scrooge thanks for the stocking stuffers. Hey, these chocolate coated candy canes taste funny...
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004


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