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Bluetooth for Illness Prevention

The latest addition to the 'Bluetooth For-' (TM) lineup of products, brought to you by 21st Century Quest Engineering
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This is a system, similar to the Jawbone UP or perhaps the Motorola MOTOACTV (will post links to both), which consists of 3 devices: GPS & Blueooth enabled smartphone w/associated app, active NFC &Blueooth- equipped lapel pin, and passive NFC*-equipped ring.

Using Bluetooth to sync with your GPS-enabled smartphone, the lapel pin knows when you are at home or someplace else, and detects when your hand is brought up in close proximity to your face. Whenever you are someplace else, it tells the ring to constrict tightly around your finger whilst gently vibrating to remind you not to touch your face.

It works using a somewhat complicated, yet elementary, process. The Ring consists of 3 primary parts: passive NFC chip, constriction motor, and vibration motor. The lapel pin consists of 2 primary parts: Bluetooth radio and active NFC transmitter.

Your smartphone is 'brain' of the whole operation. Using a free downloadable app, it maintains a Bluetooth connection with the lapel pin. Using the built-in GPS, the smartphone detects when you leave your home. When you leave the home, it activates the NFC transmitter in the lapel pin. When the passive NFC chip in the ring is brought within range of the lapel pin, the constriction and vibration motors in the ring are activated to remind you not to touch your face.

Useful during Flu season, the rings should be inexpensive enough due to the passive, low tech involved in their manufacture to wear one on each hand if necessary.

One other neat function of the ring is that is also useful for fitness types. It can log the number of curls (lifting dumbbells), pushups, pullups, situps/crunches (place the lapel pin on your knee).

A passive NFC ring can also be useful for many common household functions. Install an active NFC device in light switches and faucets to enable hands-free activation. Install one on your front door for a new hands-free method of unlocking and opening the door, which is great when carrying an armload of groceries.

*NFC = Near Field Communication. Will post a link to it, as well.

21 Quest, Dec 20 2011

Jawbone UP http://jawbone.com/up
[21 Quest, Dec 20 2011]

MOTOACTV http://www.motorola...2011&WT.mc_ev=click
[21 Quest, Dec 20 2011]

NFC http://en.wikipedia...field_communication
[21 Quest, Dec 20 2011]


       How about if the ring just has an RFID so that it doesn't need a battery, motor, etc.? The lapel pin could detect when the ring is nearby and then poke your chest with its needle to remind you to put the hand down. If you don't put your hand down, it plays an audio message from another component, "This needle is less than an inch from your heart. Put your hand down or you'll -really- never be ill again, sonny."
swimswim, Dec 21 2011

       Hm... that one might have a problem obtaining federal approval...
21 Quest, Dec 21 2011


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