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Body Odor Monitor Strips

BO Assessment Tool for the Olfactory Challenged
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I have a diminished olfactory capability and I am not fond of showering. But I am civil and courteous and don't want to offend or repulse others needlessly. It would be nice to have an objective body odor assessment tool so that I could determine if my BO was too offensive for the social obligations at hand. Small, disposable BO monitor strips, like those used to check swimming pool chemistry, could be discretely slipped under arm, or wherever, for a minute. The strip would have several panels that change colors depending on the severity of BO along the different broad catagories of offensive BOs. The colors would map to safe personal engagement radii or perhaps exposure time/distance products thereby guiding ones personal engagement parameters or bathing needs.
CecilL, Sep 27 2005


       Please *don't* sit next to me.
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005

       //I don't like showering// At last, a clue. Are you a cat?   

       I think it's safe to assume that, if you haven't showered (or otherwise cleaned yourself) in a couple of days, you smell. However, since you'll never believe me, some sort of objective indicator would seem to be required.
moomintroll, Sep 27 2005


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