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Companion Corner

(Choose your companion in shopping mall)
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On many occasions one drops the idea to go for shopping as there is nobody to accompany him.

Proposed "Companion Corner" in shopping malls will have different sections e.g. clothes, shoes, video camera etc. The persons who themselves think that they have expertise in purchasing any particular item will sit in respective section. The one looking for companion will go to section of choice & select the companion for shopping.

After selecting the companion, the person will check his/her identity card to ensure (s)he does'nt work for any shop in that mall. This would prevent cheating/befooling.

vedarshi, Jul 02 2007


       Last word +
wagster, Jul 02 2007

       Nutters anonymous!
gnomethang, Jul 02 2007

       I'll have the brown one that's wagging its tail.   

       [Moved to category]
skinflaps, Jul 02 2007

       The last thing I want when I'm shopping is a stranger to slow me down. I want to get in and out as fast as I can.
tsaylor, Jul 02 2007

       Even for people who do want company, this doesn't quite work.
- People have multiple areas of expertise.
- I don't want to hang out with anyone who asks, but don't want to explicitly reject people I don't like.
- Critical mass: in the beginning, when not many people know about this, volunteers wait for a long time.

       Fixing it: move the sign-up online, sponsored by the store? People sign up to go to shopping trips together; larger parties means you're not stuck with one particular person.   

       There could be guided tours of clothes sections that combine an introduction to fashion with example exercises for putting together an outfit; a large party of participants would supply different body types to experiment with.
jutta, Jul 02 2007

       I read befooling as befouling, which is also to be ideally prevented.
Texticle, Jul 02 2007

       [jutta] - People with multiple areas of expertise can go to the least occupied sections.   

       - Critical mass : Advertisement of this concept by shopping malls will increase number of visitors within very short period.   

       - Fixing it : The concept is for those who want company of single person.
vedarshi, Jul 03 2007

       I forsee all manner of akward disasters in implementing this idea, but I'll vote for it, because it might help me score... Now let's see, where is there still a hardware store in the mall?
ye_river_xiv, Jul 04 2007

       what if your shopping for body jewelry?
evilpenguin, Jul 04 2007

       There really needs to be an online component of this. As the idea is now there's no way of knowing whether or not I'll have a shopping companion. I like the idea though, of finding someone to shop with from time to time.
Noexit, Jul 05 2007

       <grumpy> I *hate* shopping malls - and wouldn't expect to find anything of any value whatsoever in the sort of mass produced "stack 'em high" establishments that occupy them. However, such as it is - there are a number of essentials which are still only really available by having to visit one of these glittering commercial cesspits. Worse than actually having to visit a mall, the thought of being lead/followed around by someone who's decided, of their own volition that they are an 'expert' in some specific field of retail awareness is tantamount to the ultimate torture. If they're such an expert - why don't I just hand them a list - better yet never actually see or touch them, I nail a list of my requirements to a noticeboard and walk away from all the hideousness, perhaps to some nearby park that's not yet been concreted over yet - and when I return 20 minutes later, all the tedious shopping has been done and deposited in an inspection/pickup/payment area by someone I have never knowingly had the misfortune to set eyes on or talk to - certainly about shopping. I can decide which items are sufficiently not shit enough to take home, and grudgingly pay for them on the way out.</grumpy>
zen_tom, Jul 05 2007

       Hoo there... Sounds like somebody sewed their deerskin underpants together wrong this morning... Although I can see your point...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 06 2007


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