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CTC Baking

Employ a closed timelike curve to allow simultaneous transcontinental baking.
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A closed timelike curve (CTC) allows time travel, in the sense that an observer which travels on a trajectory in spacetime along this curve, returns to an event which coincides with the departure. The arrow of time leads forward, as measured locally by the observer, but globally he/she may return to an event in the past.

So, a signal sent by an Englishman while he's at work, is read by an American when he shows up at work 6 hours later, is responded to and sent on the CTC back 6 hours to where the Englishman waits for responce. In this new way of doing things, there will be no participatory dichotomy that happens on the bakery with people working at different times of the "day".

I can't quite say how to build this CTC, but something tells me I'll need a pair of pliers, an avocado, and two black holes.

daseva, Apr 14 2005

UB, blissmiss and moi - guess which is which. http://achachichou..../salade/hamster.jpg
[po, Apr 14 2005]


       And a worm compost?
FarmerJohn, Apr 14 2005

       I almost forgot!
daseva, Apr 14 2005

       pretty sure you need a hamster...
po, Apr 14 2005

       I don't know [po]... I stopped stuffing hamsters into my black holes a while back...   

       Oh, no way he just said that!
daseva, Apr 14 2005

       that is disgusting!
po, Apr 14 2005


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