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'Baker of the day

a randomish showcase of a baker's talents
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I propose a new area on the bakery (perhaps under account) where every day a random active baker (e.g. anyone with more than 30 ideas who has posted or voted in the last month) is chosen, and this area shows say 3 of their ideas every time the page is refreshed.

Defeating my own logic in the process, I'd like to propose [hippo] as the first recipient of this random honour.

neilp, Feb 24 2006

baker of the day http://neilphillips.com/bakeroftheday.gif
like that. [neilp, Feb 24 2006]

baker of the day http://www.halfbake...om/random-idea.html
[bungston, Feb 24 2006]

(?) Greggs http://pages.britis...t/tooting/food.html
pasties to die for [po, Feb 26 2006]


       I was proposing that on a given day only one halfbaker's ideas are displayed, and that the short name for the idea (rather than just a link to the 'bakers' name) is displayed.
neilp, Feb 24 2006

       ok, I've done a picture now (see link).
neilp, Feb 24 2006

       Pssst. It's about the ideas.
bristolz, Feb 24 2006

       Thanks [neilp]. I'd better vote [+] for your idea now.
hippo, Feb 24 2006

       ...and the cuddliest goes to...<insert drumroll>
skinflaps, Feb 24 2006

       What [bris] whispered.   

       Even so, why a minimum of 30 ideas? Why not anyone who has posted ideas? [johng] has 2 to his name and one of them is regarded as the best idea here by a long shot.
hidden truths, Feb 24 2006

       What bris said. Fishbone.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       I think you're limiting it too much with the recent posting requirement and minimum number of ideas.
ato_de, Feb 26 2006

       As it won't be me again for another few thousand days, I can remove my [+] vote now.
hippo, Feb 26 2006

       Tom Baker, Cheryl Baker, Danny Baker, Richard Baker, Ma Baker, Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty), Baker Street (Place), 221b Baker Street (Holmes), Baker Street (London Underground Ltd)... Pilsbury Dough Boy...
Dub, Feb 26 2006

       who is user "you"?
po, Feb 26 2006

       <Considers creating "Tom Baker" User Name>
hidden truths, Feb 27 2006

       Too late!
Tom Baker, Feb 27 2006

       cut it out, bris!
po, Feb 27 2006

       Damn! Beaten by Tom Baker again.
hidden truths, Feb 27 2006


       Unless it's always me, in which case [+].
wagster, Feb 28 2006

       Tom Baker! Will you *please* stop phoning me!
zen_tom, Feb 28 2006

       I think that any baker with any number of ideas should be able to get in the drawings. I don't have all that many ideas but it doesn't mean I'm not an active member. Although I would understand making sure that inactive accounts have a certain number of ideas. Don't want a week of people who only ever made up one poor idea.
PollyNo9, Mar 02 2006

       Psst, Polly, if you want to be included in the drawings, send a $100 in unmarked bills to the address below, and I'll make sure you're included!
DrCurry, Mar 02 2006


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