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Pseudonym #3

I code things.

[Feb 05 2002, last modified Apr 12 2013]
 Baby Monitor
(+6) Bar of Four Seasons
 Canned Coffee, MassaBra
(+5, -2) Cell Phone Suit
 Chateau de Dough
(+1) Defined Startup Volume
(+5, -1) Door Activated Answering Machine
(+5) Dough Bubbler
(+1) Former Idea List
 Glad To Be Back!
 Halfbakery Webring
 Kiddy Chrysalis
(+3, -1) Lay of the 1/2Wanderer
(-1) Magnetic Mouse
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Make Dr. Seuss an honorary halfbaker
(+6, -2) McDonihana's
(+5) Musical Trees
 New Idea Notification
(+5) Opensource Inventions
(+14, -3)(+14, -3) Origami Printer
 Ozone Extermination
(+2, -1) Pastrie - A parody on Eulalie.
(+3) Polyglot Clock
(-1) Remoldable Furniture
(+1) Rubik's Wrapping
(+3) Skyscraper-Scrolling-Centipede (SSC)
(+2, -1) Superhero and Supervillain Web Resources
(+5) The Coffin Alarm
(+8, -1) The House of the Rising Bun
(+12)(+12) Videogames for the Autistic

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